Favorite Quotes

"That's right, I am a book kisser." 
--- Sherman Alexie (The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian)

"I'm bored with knitting. I've taken up arson."
--- Audrey Niffenegger (Her Fearful Symmetry)

"Every lover is, in his heart, a madman, and, in his head, a minstrel." 
--- Neil Gaiman (Stardust)

" 'Hey, y'all!' Stevie Rae rushed up. 'How was Vamp Soc? Did y'all start the Amazons?'
'It was cool. . . . I had no idea they really cut off their right breasts to keep them out of the way.'
'They wouldn't have had to if they'd been as flat as me,' said Stevie rae, looking down at her own chest.
'Or me,' sighed Damien dramatically."
--- P.C. and Kristin Cast (Marked)

" 'We'll find out what you're hiding form us yet.' Felicity
'A crazy aunt in the attic, perhaps.' Pippa
'Or a sexually depraved fiend who preys on young girls." Felicity
'You forgot the hunchback.' Gemma"
--- Libba Bray (A Great and Terrible Beauty)

"Tirry once told me he would follow Arthur blindfolded and unarmed into battle. I told him he'd better not try it."
--- Lisa Ann Sandell (Song of the Sparrow)

"In the dictionary, next to the word stress, there is a picture of a midsize mutant stuck inside a dog crate, wondering if her destiny is to be killed or to save the world. Okay, not really. But there should be."
--- James Patterson (The Angel Experiment)

" 'We're in the Institute,' I said.
'Uhm, is that a good thing?' asked Gazzy.
'Holy [insert a swear word of your choice here],' said Fang, stunned.
'No kidding,' I said."
--- James Patterson (The Angel Experiment)

"Diego smiled at me. 'I'm really glad you came tonight.'
'Don't get all gooey on me now.'
'What? You don't want to be'--he widened his eyes and his voice went up an octave--'BFFs?' He laughed at the goofy expression."
--- Stephenie Meyer (The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner)

"One time, my mother told me that I always eat like I'll never see food again. And I said, 'I won't unless I bring it home.' That shut her up."
--- Suzanne collins (The Hunger Games)

"I've left on Peeta's undershorts because they're not in bad shape and I don't want to pull them over the swollen thigh, and, all right, maybe the idea of him beingnaked makes me uncomfortable."
--- Suzanne Collins (The Hunger Games)

"Allen drove at least fifteen miles under the speed limit -- even a frail old woman squinting over her steering wheel passed them."
---Sara Shepard (Perfect)

"Once, Ali had tried to teach her field hockey, but she'd stopped the lesson five minutes in because she said Aria ran like a pregnant gorilla."
---Sara Shepard (Perfect)

"Sometime during your life -- in fact, very soon -- you may find yourself reading a book, and you may notice that a book's first sentence can often tell you what sort of story your book contains."
--Lemony Snicket (The Miserable Mill)
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