Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Adult Book Review ---> Tempest's Legacy by Nicole Peeler

Adult Review!!

Tempest's Legacy (Jane True #3)Tempest's Legacy 
         Jane True #3

By:  Nicole Peeler
Published By:  Orbit
Published Date:  January 1st 2011
Pages:  Softcover 352
Tags:  Adult, Fantasy Fiction, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Shapeshifters, Vampires, Selkies, Mystery

Why the Mad Scientist read this book:  Mad Scientist just had to find out what happened with Jane & Ryu & Anyan!

First Lines:  I love it when people pre-laugh at their own jokes.

Concoction of a Review:
Nicole Peeler's Jane True Series has me on edge.  I read one book one earlier this year.  Jen the Bibliophile sent me book 2 & 3 because she knows my infinity for starting a series but never continuing with it.  After completing Tracking the Tempest a book full of snark and supernatural hunks I quickly decided that this series would not be left unread.

**Note to self:  Go buy book 4, Eye of the Tempest, soon!!!**

Tempest's Legacy jumps in shortly after Tracking the Tempest ended.  Jane continues to train her offensive and defensive magical technique.  Her relationship is still a ball of tension from the end of the last book.  Which leads us to seeing more of Anyan.  Jane's eyes start to wonder toward the Barghest.  *waggles eyebrow*

Nonetheless, there is a surprising bout of news that ruffles Jane's feathers.  Someone found out that supernatural females were being taken.  Not kindly I might add.  This horrid news includes information about someone who she most would love to meet and know more about.  Dying to know who??  *grin*

The mystery takes Jane out of little ol' Rockabill, her hometown in Maine, as she tags along to figure out what exactly is going on and how to stop it.  We have a mix of characters from the first book, from Ryu's Boston team & even a few brand new characters!   Interactions are hilarious at best!!  We are even pulled into a new area... The Borderlands!!  (Many exclamation points but it truly is exciting!)

Here is how I picture Anyan:  As Eric Bana... 
*As previously stated!*

This book has little to no nookie in it so I was a bit disappointed in that but I'm looking forward to Anyan.  *blushes*

It truly is a great series!!!  Peeler's snark is completely sprinkled throughout this novel like the others, however, the demeanor is a lot darker.  The events that unfold are a bit harsh and force Jane to grow even more, powerfully and emotionally.  Jane True is Truly Bad A$$ in this book!

*I received this book free of charge from my sassy friend Jen!  My Mad review is completely honest and full of my thoughts on the book and the very yummy men inside. *

For Jane True this is a story of standing up and accepting herself.  Oh, there is also an incredible mystery to he had!
4.5 Kisses

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