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Library Book Review > This Song Will Save Your Life

By:  Leila Sales
Published By: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Published Date: Sept. 17th 2013 
Pages:  288 hardcover
Tags: Young Adult, Coming of Age, Realistic Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, Stand Alone, Music 
Source:  Community Library (Save A Tree)

There is a raw and powerful story to be had in between those covers. Once the Mad Scientist embraced This Song Will Save Your Life, MS could not stop devouring.

Starting late into the night, my tea went cold twice and the minutes ticked by yelling at my hard head that the sun would rise in a few hours. A scientist I maybe but a lady should never have bags under her eyes so I stubbornly buried myself under the duvet closing my eyes. Only to wake up as the sun was rising to read till the book was done!

Elise is the one person who never quit belonged with a particular group of kids at school.  Oh, how kids can be cruel. She was a special girl who tried her best at whatever she wanted to learn. However, she found out being special or good at something is just uncool.

Planet & Book Love <3

Lonely is what Elise was determined not to be any longer. She researched being cool and tried so hard to find a friend. Desperation turned into the consideration of suicide. Awe, my dear Elise, MS just wanted to crawl into the book and hug you. Let us just say thank you to the gods above for she did not go through with it.
"Sometimes you just have those days where everything goes wrong. But sometimes, and totally unexpectedly, something can go right."
Now Elise finds herself going through the aftermath of the situation. Soon after the scare she stumbled around late in the night near a business district trying to ward of her wound up nerves. Even in such a unseeming area Elise ran into Vicky & Mel, whom befriended her. Leading Elise into the teaming hectic world of an underground dance party. Music thumps through her body and soul, she is someone else here. The music loving self, not the unpopular HS self. Elise gathered strength from her new friends to survive and recover.

Elise takes it upon herself to learn how to DJ. The young and dashing lad, Char, the leading DJ of the night was needed elsewhere. Taking the reins of the dance party with her efforts and knowledge of music she easily rules the dance floor. Char, takes Elise under wing when realizing she is talented and different. Learning all she can, Elise becomes the hottest DJ in the area! 

Surviving high school surrounded by friends and music, Elise learned that it is alright to stay true to the person you want to be and can be. 

Undoubtedly my favorite Quote!

"I was smiling like a crazy person because I had just made a hundred people dance, I had just made a hundred people scream, I had just made a hundred people happy. I, Elise, using my own power, had made people happy."

Nelita Habbibi
Here is how I picture Elise: 

Many lovely groups and songs are mentioned throughout the novel, in which the playlist from within can be found and thoroughly enjoyed at Spotify. As MS developed this mad review the sounds whirled around my skirts and rattled my pinned up hair.  

"I believe that a person's taste in music tells you a lot about them. In some cases, it tells you everything you need to know."

** Thanks to the Oneida Community Library and Inter-Library Loan! All Mad thoughts are presented in the right mind of a twisted brain of the Mad Scientist!**
It was so extremely good I kissed it everywhere & licked the spine.
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