Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Giveaway & a Interview to Boot!

Welcome back Groupies Followers!

Black Disaster Fairy has been looking forward to today.
& You should of been too!
But it is so here now.

Today?  What is special about today?
Well, just ONLY a Giveaway
A interview with questions and answers!
That is right.
The Fairy had her wits about her when she wrote up some questions... Be prepared for an odd question or two.

HP Mallory author of To Kill a Warlock and Fire Burn & Cauldron Bubble.was kind enough to go along with the fun!

HP Mallory
The Fairy is curious, I'm sure everyone else is as well...  How does it feel to be an Indie author and what exactly does that entail? 

It feels great! LOL an indie author is basically a self published author. And when you’re able to compete with traditionally published authors and in many cases outrank them on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, it’s a pretty amazing feeling. I love being an indie because ultimately I am responsible for my success or lack thereof. I love the fact that I make my own destiny.

We are glad you decided to self publish instead of listening to the publishers.  Speaking of, did you plan on creating a humorous fantasy...  they are really hard to come by ? (the Fairy does enjoy them so!)

Well, no not really. I actually tried to write them without the humor because that’s what many agents at the time had told me and I couldn’t write the humor out. It’s just how I write I guess!

Now we are REALLY happy that you did not listen to them!  With e-readers you can read a great inky story and save a tree at the same time.  Do you plan to continue to self publish e-books? 

Yes, absolutely. Although, I have to admit that many of my readers and some who aren’t my readers have expressed interest in paperback versions of my books so I am working on those now. I’m sure they won’t outsell the ebooks though.

Your books will make a great addition to a personal library.  Now for a nitty gritty fun question.  If you were trapped in a fantasy... which 5 items would you want with you? 

Hmm, a hot, magical male creature of some sort to protect and entertain me, hmm maybe a wand or something to help me fight the bad guys, some wings so I could fly around and look at fantasyville from the air, a really good soundtrack to keep the energy up and a really good restaurant.

I'm in love with good food.  Great choice on the restaurant!  LOL!  
How or who came up with the cover art? 

Well, I came up with the cover art and created it. I purchased the images of the people and then weaved my magic in photoshop to add things like fangs and red eyes, change hair color, etc. and then I added the halloweeny backgrounds and the text and boom, cover done! You can check out my newest book cover here:

That is awesome, you are surly a whiz.  The Fairy thinks you have a wand in your purse already.  LOL!  What do you need when you sit down to write?  or What do you reward yourself with after you write? 

I need total peace and quiet which is why I wake up at 5 am everyday to do all my writing. LOL And I’m usually just rewarded enough that I’ve moved ahead in the book.

Self motivation is a good thing :)  Which sex fantasy scene might show up in a future book? 

Oh, can’t give that away! Guess you’ll just have to read it. LOL

*Gasps*  What?  No dirty details?  Surly, I'll have to add my own then... Oh yes!  He is throwing his shirt on the ground as she kneels on the dirt...   You thought I was going to share?  
What is your favorite baked good?  

OK this question is hysterical following the last question. Sex and…baked goods. Um, croissants probably.

I'm a dark chocolate brownie Fairy, and I don't mind a few nuts!  Name a place that is on the top of your travel list and what you might be found doing there? 

Next trip will be to Australia. I have family there so will do some visiting and I really want to check out the Great Barrier Reef.

*sigh*  Sounds like you will have a grand time.  The Fairy recently found out about Bucket Lists & I have been asking people about their lists.  Do you have a bucket list?  If you do, can you name something that you have crossed off and something  you would like to cross off? 

I’ve crossed off living in another country. To cross off—hmm, would love to find some crazy old but super nice haunted looking hotel and stay there for a weekend and write the whole weekend. Might sound dumb but that sounds really fun to me. Hope to do it soon. Maybe that will be my reward once my new book comes out Jan 1! LOL 

That actually sounds like it would be fun.  I bet you would be able to pull a few ideas from the place while you are there.  I hope you get to cross that one off your bucket list! 


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Janet Johnson said...

It's always so interesting to learn about indie authors and what they'd done to be successful. And writing out the humor? Seriously? Crazy talk, I tell you.

rjljohnson (dot) janet (at) gmail (dot) com

Zakiya LadyWings said...

Awesome! Glad we finally have something for our followers (and other blog lovers!) to participate in. Thanks for checking us out, guys! :D

- Zakiya

Iesadora said...

I had never heard of indie authors before, I'm glad you asked her about that. She sounds like a really incredible and talented women - the getting up at 5 in the morning to write is incredible in and of itself lol

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I found out about these through good reads. I'm always looking for great new authors, especially ones that writes series! Psyched to check out HP Mallory's stuff!

Marcie said...

This is a great interview! So much fun. Please enter me in this contest. I would love to read these books.

Unknown said...

I declare that this was a grand interview. Plus you two had my crack a laugh a time or two. :)

I read one of Mallory's ebooks already... It was great! I laughed and was glued to the face of my Nook for a long time. Elbowing the butler every time he disturbed me. LOL!

Count me in... hoping to get the other ebook :)

Mad Scientist

Zee said...

This was a really cute interview. What really stuck with me was that Mallory liked making her own destiny. It definitely gave me some food for thought.

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