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Book Review ---> Firelight by Sophie Jordan


By:  Sophie Jordan
Series:  Draki #1
Published By: HarperTeen - Sept. 2010
Pages:  323 Hardcover
Rating:  5
Book Cover Rating:  5
Read:  Sept. 2011
Genre:  Fantasy Fiction, Young Adult, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Dragons

First Line: Gazing out at the quiet lake, I know the risk is worth it.

Black Disaster Fairy's Take:
Dragons?  Really Dragons?

WOW!  I can't smirk at the concept of dragons no longer.  Sophie Jordan had me deeply enthralled with the draki world she created.  Added bonus... The cover is beautiful!!  

Draki's are descendants of dragons, their secrets must be kept at any price.  They shapeshift into a human form, however, some of their talents are still available.  Jacinda is the first Fire Breather in centuries and she struggles to control her life.  As the soul fire breather her pride has made plans for her future for her.  A future of mating with Cassian, the next alpha, to create more little fire breathers.  Honestly, I think there is a spark between Jacinda and Cassian... Maybe I'm hoping for more in the next book.  *Fingers crossed*

Of course, this leads to the hot headed Jacinda to rebel.  Except she puts her life on the line and risks revealing the secret of the pride.    

She is takes a huge risk... one that changes her life quickly.  Jacinda's mother is pushed into drastic measures, whisking her and her twin Tamra to a town in the desert where they live among the humans.  Against her will she starts to lose her draki side, she will risk even more to keep this part of her alive. 

The chemistry between Jacinda and Will, a draki hunter, is flaming hot.  Smoldering!  LOL!  Will awakens her dying draki senses which is clearly dangerous if she cannot learn to control herself around him.  She has to keep her secret from him, at least for her family and draki everywhere.

Ah, a Forbidden Love!

A hunter in love with his prey.

It is more then that.  Jacinda struggles to find where she fits in.  What her life is about and where she belongs?  A basic internal conflict of personal identity and purpose that young adults go through.

Sophie Jordan's world flowed wonderfully.  Her characters were diverse with many layers.  I enjoyed finding out about them throughout the book, ALL THE WAY TO THE END!!  Literally!  What an amazing way to end the book!!

Overall, Firelight has wonderful characters and a beautiful world for you to get lost in!  Jacinda will surprise you, the vivid description of the draki's will intrigue you, and a girl fight in the bathroom will draw you in while the uniqueness of the book will keep you reading.
After running for my life from hunters, a girl with too much lip gloss doesn't register on my fear radar.
BDF highly recommends this book!!  It is for more then just the paranormal fan.

*Recommend by Jen at In The Closet with a Bibliophile*

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Anonymous said...

oooh, I love dragons and I love this cover! Good to know it's worth reading, I was wondering if I should or not..


Danmark said...

Vanish starts off right where Firelight ended. I thought this was cool cause you really never see that in a sequel. While I liked Firelight, I LOVED Vanish. It blew me away. Sophie did such an amazing job with the sequel.

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