Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Book Review ---> Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

By:  Cassandra Clare
Series:  The Infernal Devices #1
Published By: Margaret McElderry - 2010
Pages:  476 Hardcover
Rating:  4
Book Cover Rating:  4
Read:  August 2011
Genre:  Steampunk, Young Adult, Paranormal, Historical Fiction
First Line: The demon exploded in a shower of ichor and guts.

Black Disaster Fairy's Take:
This Fairy was in love with the City of Bones so I had to give this prequel Steampunk wonder a whirl!!  Plus I am ashamed to admit this beauty was perched on my shelf for way too long.

Tessa Grey is our damsel in distress if you will.  In the beginning she leaves America and heads for London to meet up with her older brother, Nate.  Shortly after she arrives she gets herself kidnapped by a crazy duo appropriately named the Dark Sisters!  These ladies push her to do painful tasks that reveal to us and her that she is not as human and normal as she thought.

It seems dramatic, however, don't let that fool you.  The beginning of this novel is very much on the slow pace.  Skip 50 pages if you will.

Aha!  Now we get to meet the dashing silver haired Jem, the mouthy bad boy you want to slap and kiss at the same time is Will, and a handful of other shawdowhunters.  Now Clare is getting somewhere!  These boys make the pages fly and I hope more of their stories appear in the following books.  

Now please do not fret.  If you did not pick up the City of Bones or any of the following in the series.  It is very much ok, at least a little bit.  You would have a bit more of an understanding if you have read the Mortal Instruments first.  Tessa does a good job at bringing the Shadowhunter world to the reader.  As she struggles to find out more of the world and of how her origins fit into it the reader is given information slowly.  Tessa is also wonderfully strong and confident which was intriguing giving the time frame.  I was expecting more of a daffodil who had to have matching parasols and shoes.

This is a prequel I remind myself but there were so many similarities between this book and The Mortal Instruments.  The characters are about the same.  Tessa resembles Clary for me.  As Will does Jace and Jem is like Alec.  I would even say Jessamine is Isabelle.  I was hoping for more of a jump into something that did not seem like a remake.

Overall, Clockwork Angel was a good read. Truly.  Victorian London, clockwork automons, and the mysterious twist add enough to make it a dark Steampunk read.


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We LOVE us some Cassie Clare (AND some Will and Jem!!)

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