Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Guest Review - Leanne

Finally got another Guest Review coming to you! This week, my beautifully-winged classmate Leanne is here :D. She has a book blog over @ Tales of the Mockingjay.

Leanne, why don't you explain a little about yourself to our lovely audience!

I love to dance and read books. I am also some one who lives life to the fullest, so I intend to go to college. I don't know where yet. So, I like writing reviews and things, but my life's hectic. Well, and I read reallly fast;) By the way, my name's Leanne.

And now that we know about her, let's enjoy her review of A Match Made In High School.

--Zakiya, the walking butterfly :)

I finished the book A Match Made In High School by Kristin Walker. It is a pretty interesting book. I would probably say it is an average Young Adult (YA) novel. It has a lot of "dirty" jokes in it, which I personally find hilarious. But, this book would definitely be rated 13+. It is about a girl who has to take a marriage-ed class. She is paired up with an obnoxious jock who helps her through out the way, compliments her, torments her, and, ultimately, is a good friend, you might say. She has ups and downs with every other charachter in this story. This novel also is good because it has love, secrecy, heartbreak, rude people, good friends, and understandable concepts. There aren't many stories like this out there, but for Kristin Walker's first book, I'd say she did a pretty good job! I would recomend it to people who like YA books who don't mind cursing, dirty jokes, and the real, true way teenagers think. I would rate it 4 wings.


Jen the bibliophile said...

I've been super curious about this book. Excellent review Leanne!

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