Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Guest Review and so Much More!

Have you ever gotten all set up to do something, including getting all the necessary information to do it, putting it into a proper format and then all you really needed to do was hit the finish button and you totally spaced and never did. And then you didn't discover that you forgot until 2 days later? This, ladies and gentleman, is my life story. You'd think I would be able to remember things since I am only 27, but my children have decided otherwise and are taking my memory away. Woe the bitter agony of old age...*wink*

So, what did Jen the Bibliophile forget to do? Well, I was all prepared to post my review yesterday and that definitely didn't happen, which sucks cause it was my day of the week. *frowns* Also, I was all prepared to post this lovely Guest Review by the wonderful Jencey this morn and also spaced. Where oh where has my mind gone to? I was also reading to post about the giveaway on my solo blog and that spaced my mind as well...drat!

So, without further ado. I would like to welcome the wonderful Jencey whose favorite genre is chicklit and not only is our good friend on Goodreads.com, but also keeps her own blog at Writer's Corner. On to the review!


Title: A Trip to the Beach
Author: Melinda & Robert Blanchard
Pages: 304 pages
Published: October 10th, 2000 by Three Rivers Press
Review: The book begins with the Blanchard’s on vacation on the island of Anguilla. They have been here many times before. Melinda and Bob have developed a love for this Caribbean Island over the years. They love it so much they open a restaurant called Blanchards. The first part of the book discusses what efforts it took to open the restaurant and their struggles with the Customs Department in Anguilla. The second part is about their first year running the restaurant. The staff of this restaurant is like family to those who work there. From all the celebrity guests who visit the restaurant to local politics. Then part three is the most compelling part of the book. The Blanchards go on vacation and category four hurricane hits the island of Anguilla. What happens to the restaurant? Will they be able to rebuild?
I liked this book. I thought it was an easy read and kept my interest. Also the book discusses that anything is possible when you put your mind to it. What are your dreams? What would you do to accomlish your dreams?



Anonymous said...

like the review. and nice detail in the button...sorry.

Jen the bibliophile said...

Thanks! I do feel really bad about it being US Residents only. I wish I had money galore. I keep thinking of ways around it so I can afford out of the country shipping, but I already own the book so I have to ship it directly from Arizona. Drat the postal system!

Twisted Book Junkie said...

I was at the beach today! It is so wonderful and relaxing. Even if I have to stare at the boys. I found some shark teeth and some good shells. :)

Nothing beats a good beach... or read!


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