Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June 15th to July 14th Group Read

Hello our fabulous readers! I am posting to notify all of you that the monthly group read started yesterday and the book is Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment (Maximum Ride No.1) by James Patterson. You can view all the book info, including cover and synopsis, by clicking here.

Also, you can participate in our active discussions by clicking the link here or you can send your comments when the review is posted (I will attach a link at that time). We can't wait for your comments, so head on over to the links provided so we can hear all you have to say!

Lastly, we will be voting on next month's group read. To cast your vote, please click the link here and submit your opinion to the poll.

Never stops reading,
Your local bibliophile -- Jen


Hawk said...

I'm excited to start this book. Many people have said that the book is a very good read. I'll be starting this book tonight :)

I've been very pleased with the books that the group has voted for. I enjoyed all of them thus far!

Keep voting!

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