Friday, June 18, 2010

Book Shelf Inspiration

Here are a few bookshelves that might make you want sit down and read!
OR start building your own library!
Here is a cleaver bookshelf idea.
Imagine storing a pillow in one of the cubby holes so you can sit against the wall with a good book.
Oh Boy! That chair and ottoman looks amazingly comfy.
You have to admit you like the glass doors! The collection is protected and seen.
Afraid of heights?
I hope not. This is a brilliant area for reading.
Bask in a new world and at all of the natural sunlight at the same time.
This area looks modern, crisp, and clean.
And look, no TV for distraction.
It certainly could not be an American home.

This book case has me wondering...
With my lack of wood shop skills if I would be able to pull off this beauty.

Classic modern beauty right there.

Colorful fun and fresh.
I could see myself finishing a book or two right next to fluffy there.

This one is for fun.
I picture Hogwarts, Just a little bit.
Just imagine the possibilities for this place.
So, very lovely!
I would have to leave the trees.

Happy Reading!


Zakiya the Booknerd said...

These are some awesome bookshelves! It does remind me of Hogwarts a little. I think my favorite ones would be . . . the first one and the third one. :)

Hawk said...

I really enjoy the Rainbow Bookshelf.

So. Very. Colorful.

Zakiya the Booknerd said...

Yes, colorful indeed.

Now that you've added 3 more, my faves are the first one, fourth one, and sixth one.

Anonymous said...

what id give to get a bookshelf like one of those...

Hawk said...

I don't need a left foot to read :)

Zakiya the Booknerd said...

You lost me.

Hawk said...

I'd give a left foot for one of the bookshelves!!! They are amazing!

Ginny said...

Man, I'd looove to have an own library with one of those book shelves! (Can't really choose, they all look wonderful...)

Anonymous said...

(same here - both for elyssa and ginny)

Zakiya the Booknerd said...

Elyssa: Ohhhh. That makes sense now :)

Hawk said...

Some day! *sigh*

Jenn said...

Thanks for hopping by. I love the Hogwarts-like library especially. *sigh* if only I had the room and the money


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