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The Host by Stephenie Meyer

The Host by Stephenie Meyer
Published by Little, Brown and Company
Pages 619
Genres: Action, Adult, Adventure, Science-Fiction, and Romance
Reviewed by Kate

The world has been taken over by an unseen force, aliens now inhabit human bodies. The world has only a handful of humans that are still themselves left. Melanie Stryder is one of them until she becomes a host for an alien that is eventually named Wanda. Normally the alien would just take over the host bodies and the humans would disappear within themselves, but not Melanie. She isn't going down without a fight. Melanie and Wanda can sort of talk to each other and Melanie shows her some things that just sort of slip out of her memory. The problem is that the invaders are supposed to tell others so they can go find them and have more of their kind come and takeover the "wild" humans bodies, however Wanda is having a difficult time not becoming attached to the humans in Melanie's life. So Wanderer and Melanie set out to find the man that haunts their memories. It's a dangerous road to get there and there will be no turning back, for either of them.

I think it's time to put The Host in the spotlight. After reading this book a second time, I realized that this book is so much better than Twilight. I love this book! It is brilliant and beautifully written, this is Meyer's true master piece. The plot and storyline are so unique. I would like to start by saying that this is totally not an alien book. I used the word alien reluctantly. They aren't green with light bulb looking heads, they aren't ET's species either. I can't really describe what they are it's like they're a flowy ribbon type thing, but not. Okay so i have no idea how to describe them but the point is this is not some Star Wars alien book. These invaders are actually quite anti-violent and want to make Earth a better place than the humans had made it. If you don't like aliens that's okay this book still could be for you. Now Melanie is caught by these aliens/invaders and is taken to be a host. Most humans fade away but Melanie stays inside Wanda's (and her own) head. Time goes by and eventually Wanda, and Melanie, want to meet the man in Melanie's memories,Jared, and the people that Melanie left behind. Jared is Melanie's love and slowly Wanda starts to feel something for him to. They eventually go off and set out to find both Jared and Melanie's little brother, Jamie. I can't say much more since it would give the book away but I will say that they find what they're looking for and an unexpected (surprise/disaster). This was a really amazing book overall. The characters are great, you have so many different personalities. There is at least one person that you will be cheering for in this book, or you can be like me and love everyone. The plot was also very good and so unique. I have to admit i was reluctant to read this when I read science-fiction on the page. I also am not fan of Apocalypse books, which this book kind of reminds me of, but it was very enjoyable.

Now for the Twilgiht comparison. This book didn't remind me of Twilight AT ALL, completely different story line and characters. Melanie and Wanda are complete opposites and while Melanie is very strong and independent Wanda is more of a peace and no violence type of person but still independent and strong in her own way. Neither of them reminded me of Bella Swan. So for all the people who disliked Twilight I can assure you that in my opinion this book is different. In my opinion the only way these books are associated is with the author. By the way this book is really long, a little over 600 pages, and it's taller than your average book. So for those of you who don't like to read, well I encourage you to read it but this book may be more for book lovers and people with patience. Now this book does take about 6-8 chapters to really get into, but you need those first few chapters to understand everything. Once you get through those...well Happy Reading!

P.S. Who is so excited that they are making a movie and there are going to be two more companion books?!

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Ginny said...

Why, Kate, I'm surprised you didn't mention Ian O'Shea! He is my real hero in this book *swoons a bit*
And I really grew fond of Jamie. And Jared. And Mel, of course. And Jeb!
Wanda is a bit too goody-goody for me, but it's been a while since I've last read the book, and your review made me want to read it again!
A good review, Kate :D

Jen the bibliophile said...

Oh my gosh did I love this book! Ginny, I agree, Ian is my hero. *prrrrrr* I would marry him....that is...if I wasn't already married and he wasn't fictional. Still, grrrr! Okay, animal sounds are done. Excellent review Kate! I do want to read this book again now (guess 4 times wasn't enough).

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Demitria said...

I liked this book a lot better than the twilight books. I always thought "What's the big deal about Stephanie Meyer," but this book won me over.

Anonymous said...

I liked this book a lot too. Super creative and different than anything I'd read. Much better than Twilight in my opinion. SM's writing was much better in this one.

Miss Heart said...
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Miss Heart said...

OH MY! I really love The Host, it was my favorite book ever. I'm definitely not into science fiction but when I read it I totally love it! Though, when I first read it, I kinda got bored then enthusiasm reached me.. I read it and was so into it. I cried a lot of time. And read it for 5 times and still cried the same. I absolutely love Ian O'shea! Super. ♥

I totally agree with this review and really excited for the movie.

Wow. 2 companion books??!!!! OH MY!! I want that!

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