Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Go Ask Alice by Anonymous - A Guest Review

I'd like to welcome today's guest reviewer, Ashley Lamore. She is the author of My Written Thoughts as well as a part of our online goodreads group For The Love of Reading. WELCOME Ashley and I'm so glad that you could do this review for us!! *grins*

Title: Go Ask Alice
Author: Anonymous

Published: December 27th, 2005 by Simon Pulse

Pages: 185

Synopsis: This groundbreaking classic is more compelling than ever for today's readers. A sensation when it was first published and a perennial bestseller ever since, this real-life diary charts an anonymous teenage girl's struggle with the seductive--and often fatal--world of drugs.

Guest Review:

I've seen this book around Goodreads and couldn't help but read the book myself to see why everyone liked it so much. Even though it's a short book, it's very powerful . It is a personal account of a young girl's struggle with herself and drugs ( with names changed of course).

The main character has very low-self esteem and is always extremely criticizing herself. She never allows herself to enjoy certain situations or accomplishments. I can sort of relate ( not to the extent of the main character though). My mother even says I am so self critical. Here I made employee of the month for September and I'm beating myself up over a $5 shortage in my cash register. Anyways, I think everyone can sort of relate to the fact that we all struggle with self acceptance once or more in our lives. And I think that's why everyone likes this because it has a topic they can relate to.

Another great thing about this book, is that it's honest. In this diary is a true look at how a person addicted to drugs, struggles . Especially, when they are trying to make the effort to stop. Not only that, through this diary, we see how drugs can change a person from the different personalities when the main character is on and off drugs.

Overall this book was great and I definitely recommend it. My only complaint of this book is that because of the main character's negativity, it made the book a bit depressing and hard to read at times.

Overall Rating:




Anonymous said...

I'd really like to read this book. Thanks for your opinion. I still want to read the book especialy because of the "how drugs can change a person from the different personalities when the main character is on and off drugs" part.

have i said: good review?

Black Disaster Fairy said...

I love finding out about books I never heard about. My TBR list needs to grow!

Katie said...

I loved this book in high school. At the time it felt like the most real thing I had ever read...it wasn't until I was in grad school that I even realized that the book was fiction. Regardless, it's pretty amazing!

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