Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall Inspires.................... Eventually!

Black Disaster Fairy is finally admitting that it is now time for me to acknowledge that fall is here.
The other day I took the boys to the park, one of my favorite ones.
It is full of paths all around it that lead through the Wisconsin woods, it is such a 
wonderfully diverse place.
However, I pulled in a deep breath and said, "Ok, it is fall!"
There were only a couple of leaves but yellow was all around.  
Forest trees are so beautiful in fall.  
I decided that I would share my new found delight.
Now I can hardly wait to pull out my comfy sweaters, scarf collection, ingredients for pumpkin pie, and my favorite blanket for snuggly reading time.

Here is my Traveling Nook, changing leaves, and a babbling brook.
Yes, all of this is apart of the part system :)

Here are a few fall inspirational pictures to get you stoked for the season!

Fall In Love - Silk Rosette Headband Retro/Vintage Style

The Secret Life of Plants

Desire to know the list of fall and winter will be the first to shoes

Desire to know the list of fall and winter will be the first to shoes


Kate said...

I love the pictures Lyssa! I'm excited that fall is here. I love love love fall in Wisconsin! I really love the leaves that are red and yellow, I love seeing the changes and reading and having hot coco, among other things.

I know I said love way to much that it doesn't really emphasize the love of fall I have. I'll stop saying "it" now. Great post Lyssa!

Black Disaster Fairy said...

I love fall too!

But I have to pull myself out of summer mode. I think fall is the best time of the year, unless I'm sitting on a beach.

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