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Fallen - Book Review


By: Lauren Kate
Publisher: Delcorte Press, Dec. 2009
Pages: 452, Hardcover
Rating: 2
Book Cover Rating: 5
Read: May 19th 2010 (My Birthday!!)
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal, Fallen Angels, Dark Fantasy

First Line: Around midnight, her eyes at last took shape.

Review: I'm going to start off this review with the most positive thing I can say about the book. I seriously love the cover! Gothic meets dark & Twisted! The person who designed this cover really did something right, in my opinion. For me personally, love that my mind can go wild with the discriptions to give Luce a face. Thanks for keeping her face hidden.

Lauren Kate's first in the series did not make me a die hard fan. I found the writing to be ok and the plot to also be just ok. Many scenes were drawn out and repetitive. There was nothing stand outish for me....until I found myself at page 182. Finally, some words that pulled me out of my must keep reading coma. Now I hope the story can move forward!

All he was doing was shaking the water from his wet head, but a glare if droplets seemed to hover over him, outside him, defying gravity in a wide span across his arms.
The way the water shimmered in the sunlight, it almost looked like he had wings.

Page 182

Lucinda Price (AKA Luce) parents dump her at Sword & Cross, a less them tradtional boarding school located in Savannah, Georiga. After getting to know Luce, I found out that her protagonist character is even more annoying then Bella Swan from Twilight. If I was her parents I would drop her off too! Things seem bleek for her here. She tries to get herself settled among the other students and appear normal. However, that is nit the case. Not only does Luce see shadows but she is internally battling with herself with her possible involvement of a mysterious death of a classmate/boyfriend.

Luce meets some interesting people while she is at Sword & Cross. I loved Arriane's character because she was a bit out there. It is always fun when you find a character that is NOT one dimensional. She also has two boys that Instantly strike her. I mean her last boyfriend died in front of her. Magically, healed and ready for more action. it was seriously creepy how she was able to move on... Does she have no heart? Although, it was fine by me... The love traiangle was the most interesting part of the story. Daniel, Cam. Cam, Daniel. Now it would not be fair to you if I elabrated on their differences or let you know which one happens to be the one. But it is indeed intriguing. Just not nearly enough to have to book be good.

I should not of read Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick before I picked up this book. Her book probably made me like this book a whole lot less then if I would of read it first. Either way it should not take 1/3 of the book to finally aim in the direction of going somewhere. The book was defiantely missing a whole lot of... Everything! I really hope that Kate can provide more plot and dyanamics to her characters in Torment. If I pick up Torment it will be because anything is better then homework.

Rating: 2

I leave you with some lovely coverart that I found surfing around.

Found at YA All the Way Blog...

Found at Fish Muffins of Doom...


Jen the bibliophile said...

So true so true! I didn't feel Fallen was that bad, but Hush Hush was def better! And I'll say it again, anything is better than homework!

In the Closet With a Bibliophile

Ginny said...

Yup, I wanna join Anti-Homework group, too!
A nice review, Elyssa! (I love the cover, too :p) I haven't read the book yet, and now I'm seriously considering if I should...

Anonymous said...

You wrote my thoughts! Everysingleoneofthem!


and the official cover is so much more beautiful than the fan art

Black Disaster Fairy said...

Well, PaperDoll. I'm glad I could write down the feeling and thoughts in a such a way that you felt as though I was picking through your brain. I do that sometimes. Creepy!

The fan art was just a fun touch. But yes, I love the love the book cover. I own the book but I'm sad to say that is the only reason why I haven't given it away yet. :(

Black Disaster Fairy said...

I'm so anti homework right now. Instead of writing my paper I updated our Book Review Page. Go check it out. We have many books to pick from on that list.

So, many many good reviews!

Anonymous said...

great, Fairy,t that was an awesome idea-i at least completely forgot about that page.

we have so many reviews already!

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