Thursday, August 12, 2010

Star Power by Zoey Dean

Star Power (Talent, #3)
By Zoey Dean
Publisher: the Penguin Group, 2009
257 pages, paperback
Date Finished: 6/26/2010
Genres: Young Adult, Chick Literature, Realistic Fiction

First Line of Book: " 'Okay, my future star, we're almost done!' "

Review: Star Power was a great series finale! It was short (which made it a quick read), but it was also action-packed, in a figurative sense; every second, Ms. Dean had me wanting more of the "action" that was going on with the Inner Circle. I was stuck with my nose inthe book all day while I finished it.

Mackenzie Little-Armstrong, her best friends Evangelina Becks and Cordelia Kingsley, and the girl she's made into a star, Emily Mungler (celeb name Emily Skylar), have all had some terrible times in the last month, and Mac is determined to make things right for her BFFs. Coco wants to be recognized for her, not her mother, and Mac does her best to help her become the indie singer she's always dreamed of being. Becks is trying out to be the fourth Dixie Gal, but can she stay true to the DGs and her friends? Emily has made it big already! : Her first-ever movie, Deal With It, has started shooting, and all she can think about is her celeb crush Davey Farris Woodward. Can she put DFW aside and focus on her acting career?? Meanwhile, Mac is trying to be the great friend, a thirteen-year-old talent agent for her friends (includes Emily), and a daughter that impresses her mother, L.A., and eventually the world. Can any of them pull it pff without losing each other?

I loved the girly action in this book; it was always making me want to know what was next. The Inner Circle is going through so much, trying to get their lives the way they always wanted them, to have their biggest dreams come true. The girls were so close at the beginning of the book, but it seems like after Emily got to the set for Deal With It, the girls started drifting away from each other. It was drama, as one can always expect in a Chick-Lit, and I liked that. It was what kept the reader (me) wanting more. I've now read the entire series, and I've noticed that every time the I.C. broke apart, they glued themselves back together tighter than before. The characters also have become very grown up-y; not only seeing their needs and their families needs, but what their friends need as well. That was something I really enjoyed knowing they accomplished.

The book was overall amazing, and I wish that there were a fourth book, a companion novel of some sort to the wonderful series. Now, I'm going to try to finish Zoey's other series, The A-List. :D


Quotes from the Book:

**So ... unfortunately, I didn't fins any quotes that I liked in this book. Promise that I will remember in future reads to collect even the boring ones. But you should know: for me, collecting quotes from Chick-Lits is hard. I get caught up in the drama, and forget about everything else. So don't be hopping mad if I don't have Chick-Lit quotes. :)**

--Zakiya, the walking butterfly


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