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Infinity: Chronicles of Nick #1 - Book Review

Infinity: Chronicles of Nick #1

By: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Page: 448
Read : 6/16/2010
Rating: 4
Book Cover Rating: 4
Genre: YA Fantasy, Paranormal Romance

Infinity: Chronicles of Nick #1 is Sherrilyn Kenyon's first YA novel. This series is a spin off of my beloved adult series, Dark Hunters. While reading the Dark Hunter series I found myself wishing for a Nick book. To my surprise a few weeks later I came across the most fabulous news, not only was Kenyon going to write a book about Nick but a whole series (I hear that there will be 10 books). I was beside myself and jumping out of my skin, however, I must admit that I was disappointed that she was making the series YA. Nonetheless, I ran to the book store and grabbed my beautiful hardcover copy!

Kenyon opens the book off when Nick is a social awkward 14 year old boy growing up in New Orleans. He thought he was a normal poor kid who was just trying not to be grounded. His mother, Cherise, was a stripper trying to make a living as a single mother and he found himself eating nasty powdered eggs. Father, on death row. One day, Nick was "helping" some of his friends as a lookout until he figured out they were doing something completely wrong and tried to stop them, naturally they turned on him. Kyrian and all of his Dark Hunter hotness saved him from a death. *Hold on while I wipe my drool off.* It is set up that Nick would now be working for Kyrian to pay off the hospital bills that Nick is racking up after being shot.

The story seems to drop paranormal bombshells all over Nick through out the novel. He is introduced to Zombies, who happen to mostly be some of the high school boys. The werehunters make an appearance in this book. Also, Ambrose, um... Nick's older self which was a bit odd. I'm not really sure how I felt about him but alas, he was an interesting part of the book. I think the biggest bombshell that unfolds is finding out that he is supposed to be apart of this paranormal world as Malachai, which includes a handful of unique powers.

Love interest... of course, Nekoda showed up in the school office and was nice to him. To him she was the one person who did not look at his poor outside. I must say that I am unsure why her paranormal highness is there. Is she really there to help Nick? I guess we will find out. I also must say, "Get your little paws off my Nick!" *You really grow to love these men.*

Speaking of loving men, the great Archeron, AKA Ash makes his debut appearance as well. This hunk of mythology beef is just so delectable. It was very amusing to read the witty sarcastic banter between Nick and Ash. Mind reading all knowing Ash was able to pull out of some knowledge of how important Nick is. I am looking forward to seeing this plot unfold more as the series continues.

Bubba, the wacky gun shop owner and paranormal how to guru has two rules 1. "Shoot first then ask questions". 2. "Double tap just for good Measure". "Better safe than sorry".

Wait a minute, it would not be a Dark Hunter spin off if we did not have a Artemis show up in all of her glory. Really, she seriously drives me nuts in these books. Talk about a selfish annoying God. Can I throttle her already?

Intriguing writing of creatures, action and twists everywhere, along with getting to know more of Nick plus presence of several of the Dark Hunter favorite characters Kenyon wrapped me up and had me devouring her words quickly. Again, I must say I am disappointed that this is a YA series. You will not be seeing hardcore romance! Despite that lack, she still pounded out a phenomenal book. I highly recommend this book!



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