Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Guest Reviewer No. 1 - Jencey

Today we have our first guest blogger to post her review of 2 novels. She is one of the members of our online goodreads group. Elyssa actually met Jencey on another sight and Jencey forwarded Elyssa over to Goodreads where this whole thing got started. Jencey and Elyssa are moderators for another group on the sight as well. Jencey, from the For the Love of Reading group, I’d like to say welcome and we are excited for your review. Thanks for all the time you put into this and thanks for sending Elyssa our way!

--Jen the bibliophile

Title: Mine Are Spectacular

Author: Janice Kaplan

Janice Kaplan the writer of The Botox Diaries has written another great book. This story is about three women and their friendship. Kate is a Dermatologist who is famous for her practice and her activities in the bedroom. Berni is the former Hollywood agent who is looking for new opportunities. Then there is Sarah who is engaged to be married about to inherit a new family. Sara has the courage to move forward after her ex-husband comes back into the picture and a possible television career. These women are all in their forties and experiencing new beginnings. The message of this book is that anything is possible no matter what they age. I really enjoyed this book. I would read another book by this author.


Title: Hissy Fit

Author: Mary Kay Andrews

This book is a great read. I really enjoyed the book and found I could hardly put it down. Mary Kay Andrews wrote a great story. Here comes the story of Keeley Murdock and the shock she experiences at the rehearsal dinner the night before her wedding. The shock is enough to cause a huge hissy fit which Keeley takes out on her fiancée in front of most of the town. She gains a client the next day for her interior design business while she finds her business shunned by the rest of the town. The only business comes from a client she met after leaving the party that night and he gives her the task to have his home ready by Christmas.



Hawk said...

Great intro Jen!

And I must say, "Thanks Jencey for directing me to goodreads even though I am now obsessed and spend way too much time on the site!"

The reviews are short and to the point. Thanks for agreeing to be the first guest reviewer :)

Anonymous said...

Would you like longer reviews? For the website I write for she only wants a little on the plot not enough to give it away. A little opinion. So I can write longer.

Hawk said...

It all depends in how you want to put the review out there. We really don't have any guidelines as to content. Except of course, no spoilers. That would just take the fun away from reading.

We each have our own personality which makes this fun.

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