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{ARC} Book Review ---> Every Other Day by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Every Other Day
Every Other Day
By:  Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Published By:   EgmontUSA
Published Date:  December 27th 2011
Pages:   Hardcover 352
Read:  October 2011
Book Cover Rating:  5
Tags:  Young Adult, Urban Fantasy, Supernatural, Fantasy Fiction

Why the Mad Scientist read this book:  
I actually thought that this was going to be a contemporary read.  It did have a time glass on it... Who knows what I was thinking?  
Concoction of a Review:

I just completed a book review of Bite Me which had a Vampire Hunter/Slayer now I venture not far to Demon Hunter/Slayer.  Contemporary, pft we can through that out the carriage and stomp on that right away!

Slayer books need something new.  This books offers up the idea of demons and such creatures as being endangered species.  Just like the bald eagle they are protected by the government.  What is one called when they are against government rule?  Terrorist.  Kali D'Angelo is just that... Every Other Day.

Here is how I picture Kali D'Angelo:  As Michelle Rodriguez... 

Every Other Day she switches between a crude demon killer and young girl who attends high school and tries to cope with living with only her father who is not... a mom. Kali does not understand where and why she has power to kick supernatural derriere.    When she is human we get to see how shrewd and intelligence during dangerous circumstances.

I heard the telltale sound of scales scraping against metal -- a light swoosh, a tongue flickering out to taste that stale and humid air.  Whatever it was, my prey was tasting for me.

As one would expect our protagonist to be a misfit at school.  Yet, she is faced with a decision to save one of her school mates.  Wait, she is not power vixen at the moment.  Will she do the right thing and risk her life?

One of the turn offs is her down and out attitude.  Sympathy was to be had at first but it would not stop.  However, I admit she did end up with a great band of misfits.  

Left with nothing but my own bloody fingertips, I let out a war cry of my own, raked my nails over its face, and fought like a girl.
*Free ARC from NetGalley which did not impede on my Mad Review.  It is completely honest and full of my thoughts on the book. *

Every Other Day was fast paced nonstop heroine action that was packed around a complex scheme!
4 Kisses

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