Saturday, November 5, 2011

Review: Perfect (Impulse, #2)

Title: Perfect (Impulse, #2)
Author: Ellen Hopkins
First published on: September 13th, 2011
Page total: 622
Genre(s): YA, Realistic Fiction
What can I say? If you're looking for encouragement to try this book, well, then you haven't read anything by Ellen Hopkins yet, I assume. And you should have at least read Impulse to consider this book. So go read. And come back.

Powerful, emotional, realistic. Hopkins' so right. This book is for everyone who has looked into the mirror (either literally or figuratively) and thought "I'm not good enough." Because, not good enough for who? Yourself? Why should you make yourself suffer? Living in a world where love is getting rare, you should have at least one person you can rely on: yourself. Love yourself. Be yourself.

I noticed that Hopkins has gotten more optimistic in the past few years when I look at the endings of her books. Clearly, Tricks, Fallout or even this one have more hopeful endings than her earlier works.
What bugged me a little in this book is that the attention was kind of focused on Cara. I mean, it has four protagonists, but at the end, she's the one who has taken the courage to be herself. And maybe Andre, but we never know what will become of him, or of Kendra or of this jerk Sean.

For those of us looking forward to Tony and Vanessa's cameo in this book (as I did), don't get your hopes up too high because their cameo is brief at the end of the book.


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