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City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare

City of Fallen Angels (Mortal Instruments, #4)
By Cassandra Clare
Publisher: McElderry Books, 2011
424 pages, hardcover
Date Finished: 11/5/2011
Genres: Young Adult, Coming of Age, Fantasy, Action, Romance
City of Fallen Angels takes place two months after the events of City of Glass. In it, a mysterious someone’s killing the Shadowhunters who used to be in Valentine’s Circle and displaying their bodies around New York City in a manner designed to provoke hostility between Downworlders and Shadowhunters, leaving tensions running high in the city and disrupting Clary’s plan to lead as normal a life as she can — training to be a Shadowhunter, and pursuing her relationship with Jace. As Jace and Clary delve into the issue of the murdered Shadowhunters, they discover a mystery that has deeply personal consequences for them — consequences that may strengthen their relationship, or rip it apart forever.

Meanwhile, internecine warfare among vampires is tearing the Downworld community apart, and only Simon — the Daylighter who everyone wants on their side — can decide the outcome; too bad he wants nothing to do with Downworld politics. Love, blood, betrayal and revenge: the stakes are higher than ever in City of Fallen Angels.

~First Line: " 'Just coffee, please.' "
~Last Line: "We are one."

Review: This novel was once so far at the top of my "anxious to read" list that you had to tilt your head back. Now that I've read it, it's definitely lived up to what I'd hoped.

Clary and Jace aren't exactly terribly wishing that they weren't related anymomre. So, of course, they're dating. A beautiful love I have ti say. They have their on and off moments, though, when they can't be around each other for whatever reasons. It's actually all quite confusing sometimes.

But, getting past the romance, someone's trying to kill Simon. Of course, they aren't succeeding because of *voice fades out :)* but at least they have the courage to try, right? Jace is, surprisingly, helping Simon by being his bodyguard, so to speakk. Simon's also being guarded by quite the interesting new character -- Jordan Kyle. I won't get into who he is, and he's back and all that, but I will say that he's a very good charrie addition to the series/book.

City of Fallen Angels has maintained the 5-Wings rating of Bones, Ashes, and Glass; now join me in tilting out heads back to look at City of Lost Souls on my "anxious to read" list. :D

Quotes from the Book:
" 'Jace has. I mean, I assume he has. I don't know for sure. But if you ever need anything . . .' She let the sentence hang in the air.
'Need anything?'
'Protection. You know. So you can be careful,' Isabelle said. She sounded as practical as if she were talking about extra buttons. 'You'd think the Angel would have been foresighted enough to give us a birth-control rune, but no dice.' "
" 'Good organization,' said Magnus. 'I knew the man who founded it, back in the 1800s. Woolsey Scott. Respectable old werewolf family.'
Alec made an ugly sound in the back of his throat. 'Did you sleep with him, too?' "
" 'He's pretty attractive, if you like the messy-haired, broad-shouldered, shiseled-good-looks type.'
Magnus put his head in his hands.
'Or there are plenty of girls here, since apparently your taste goes both ways. Is there anything you aren't into?'
'Mermaids,' said Magnus into his fingers. 'They always smell like seaweed.' "


Netherland said...

These familiar threads combined with a large amount of summary in the beginning of the story made City of Fallen Angels drag in the beginning. Being a New York Times bestseller, I can see how Clare would want to make the series accessible to new readers or readers who finished the first cycle a while ago. On the other hand, this is the first book in the series and at times it felt like every key plot point from earlier books was rehashed here (and that's a lot of old plot points). Possibly for this reason the story didn't really feel like it picked up until page 200 or so (a little less than halfway into the story).

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