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Book Review ---> Stay by Deb Caletti


By:  Deb Caletti
Published By:  Simon Pulse
Published Date:  April 15th 2011
Read via Nook Color
Tags:  Young Adult, Contempary Fiction, Abusive Relationship

First Lines:  First off, I never told this story to anyone.  Not the entire thing anyway, and not entirely truthfully either.

Why the Mad Scientist Read this Book:  I requested this ebook from Simon and Schuster's eGalley grab for something contempoary and intense.  Also, for the Morbid Romantica Challenge - Stalker Romantica theme.

Concoction of a Review:
First of all, I'd like to say Deb was really brave to write about such a taboo subject, terror to healing.  In this novel she takes the obsessive boyfriend that has been glorified in many YA books and shows the truth of the matter.  Obsessive relationships are not loving, actually they are the opposite.  However intense this book is, the writing is detailed and easy to read.  Your heart might pump a bit from the suspense of this scary situation but that is a good thing.  For the Mad Scientist at least!

This book has a rotating chapter setup; past and present.

Past:  Instant attraction!  Christian is pretty much literally crazy for Clara.  Sure he was a wonderful charming guy in the beginning... until he became co-dependent on her.  He does not have an assured self esteem which leads him to text, call, and follow Clara to no ends.  She moved and reacted in a way to prevent hurting his feelings or to cause a problem she knew would arise.  When you are put onto a pedestal you are slowly blinded because of the power "love".  This so called love started to smother Clara into noticing how much she actually walked on egg shells for Christian, instead of being herself.  Christian is inclined to different acts of desperation to get Clara to... Stay.

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Present:  The obsession became an escalated scary possible life threatening situation.  Her father said enough was enough, he moved them away to a small coastal city where no one knew who they were.  You could see their witty adorable banter and friendship.  We follow Clara through her healing process as she works through what has happened to her.

In the cute coastal town Clara edged around mending her heart and creating a friendship with a local sailer, Finn.  He was a wonderful cheerful lad who made me swoon for him just a bit.  Yes, I admit it.  However, I was surprised that the friendship started to blossom that had me shocked.  Such little time did Clara have from coming out of a destructive relationship where she still feared Christian to entering unrealistically fast into a new one with Finn.  I did enjoy Finn so.  Nonetheless, I felt the message being relayed said a new guy helps take care of the old one.  Hmm... I wholeheartedly disagree, I woman can be strong and amazing all on her own.  Trust me!  *wink wink*

Although, this story is tense and pulls on the heartstrings the footnotes that you find at the bottom are clearly quirky fun that are more then often going to make you laugh!  The Mad Scientist oh so enjoyed them!

Overall, Deb Caletti has a very well written story that has the past and present interwoven perfectly so that they are soon one in the same at the end.    

4.67 Blasts
Truthful, intense & amazing!  Engrossing & well written!  Why wouldn't you want to pick up this novel?


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Eugine said...

I just read it last Sunday and I fell in love with this book! I really love Caletti's writing :)
I stayed up till 3 in the morning 'cause I didn't want to miss a thing!
I found the constant shift between the past and the present a bit annoying so I took care of it by reading all the past chapters first.

Anonymous said...

must... read... that book!

It sounds so amazing, but I want to read Wild Roses first (violins, musical geniuses and insanity, what's not to like?)

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