Saturday, March 5, 2011

Book Review: Lust (Seven Deadly Sins #1)

Title: Lust (Seven Deadly Sins #1)
Author: Robin Wasserman
Publisher: Simon Pulse (an imprint of Simon and Schuster Children's Publishing Division), 2005
Page total: 229 pages
First read: August 2010
Genre(s): Young Adult; Realistic Fiction

synopsis: Three girls. Two boys. One happy couple. A complicated love-pentagramm. A small town named Grace in the middle of nowhere. Then- a new girl who is willing to do everything to erase her boredom even if it means to go after a boy who's already taken. That could mean only one thing - trouble.

First Line of the Book: "And it was the best sex I'd ever had" Harper finished off the story with her favorite line and a lascivious grin.

This is -as you can guess from the title- a book about lust most teenagers experience at some time of their adolescence.
See, there's this Big Happy Couple, Adam and Beth.
But the Alpha girl Harper's totally going after Adam,
the charming player Kane secretly wants Beth,
and Harper's sidekick Miranda secretly wishes for Kane who's waaaay out of her league in her opinion.
And the new girl, Kaia? She wants nothing but trouble. No, it's not enough to go after Adam and Kane. There's also the hot new French teacher...
Out of the six characters, Adam is the biggest jerk, in my opinion. He's stupidly slow and totally hormone-driven. Thus I don't get why Harper wants him - weird taste. I do sympathize Miranda, who will make through the biggest change in the series, I can already tell! Kaia is a bitchy slut, but certainly admirable when it comes down to getting what she wants. Kane is the casanova I'm trying to steer clear from and Beth -kind of uptight, diligent, naive- but also human.

All in all, an escape route from the reality, an easy read, a nice change to be able to concentrate on someone else's problems.


BooksforCompany said...

Off to have a look at this! Thanks for the review

Brittany said...

Great review! Sounds like a really good book :)

abeautifulmadness said...

Sounds good. I hadn't heard ot this series

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