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Vampire Empire - Book One: The Greyfriar

Vampire Empire - Book One:  The Greyfriar

By:  Clay Griffith & Susan Griffith
Series:  Vampire Empire Book One
Published By:  PYR - November 2010
Pages:  301 Paperback
Rating:  5
Book Cover Rating:  3
Read:  January 2011
Genre:  Steampunk, Adult, Paranormal, Alternate History

First Line:  Your Highness would be safer below.

This Fairy was surprised by such a great ride!!  I must tell you right away; this is NOT your average ordinary bland bandwagon vampire novel.  You will see no sparkle here.  The Fairy devoured this book because it was so good, yet I wanted to read slowly because I didn’t want it to end.  When Greyfrair finally did come to an end I honestly was sad to know I was going to have to shut the cover.  However, when I did I quickly swooped up this book into a huge bear hug.  I was so happy to have read a book this wonderful!

Vampire Empire: The Greyfriar is a mess of genres in such a way that it works.  Steampunk is why I wanted to read this book but it didn't take long to find out that it was choked full of horror, including horrid politics, action/adventure, romance, and some bloody war.  I think I have to admit I'm fond of bloody wars.  Yes, indeed!

However, this book was not amazing just because of the genre mess... which made for different reading.  Clay and Susan Griffith have a gift for stringing words together to provide minimal but optimal images.  I was right there with Greyfriar the whole way!  The images that were floating around in my head were amazing... if I do say so myself.  Not only did the imagery of the world blow me away (& I have wings) but the fight scenes had me all up in a huff of excitement!  Blood, gore, mayhem.  I was in heaven.  A bloody hero *sigh*.
The Northern Hemisphere was attacked in 1870, nearly killing and destroying what we know to be the Western Civilization.  The Great Killing!

Princess Adele, the heir of Equatoria is due to wed a renowned vampire killer, Senator Clark (whom I didn't care for at all), which would unite her Empire with America.  This arrangement of merging both of the biggest human empires together now posed a huge threat to the vampires that live in the northern areas of the world.  Adele and her younger brother, Simon, are on their way to Marseilles when their dirigible is intercepted by a larger than normal ban of vampires lead by Flay.  Her master, Cesare, is known for his human massacres & is the youngest son of King Kimitry, Flay follows his orders to capture the heir.  Now the heir of Equatoria, Adele, is running from… Flay.  These vampires are parasitic with very powerful physical characteristics whom roam freely in the colder areas, feedlot humans for dinner, and terrorize others so they are afraid of being enslaved by them. 

Classic damsel in distress... I think not.  She takes out a few vampires before the hero enters.  The Greyfriar swoops in to save her.  I fell in love with this dark cloaked man right when he pulled out all of these weapons and started hacking up the vampires on top of him in a gory morbid way.  *sigh*  It must of been a beautiful sight.  

It is also quite a shock to Adele because The Greyfriar is a man whose stories of heroism and acts of battle are all thought to be fables.  He ended up being this strong yet mysterious man who drew in not only me but our lovely Adele as well.  He is mine, back off Adele! (I should mention that she is crafty with a weapon as well!)  

Ultimately she captured by the war crazed Flay albeit her best efforts of flight and the efforts of her masked mystery fighter, by Flay who brings her to England for Cesare.  I love that the head warrior is a female.  How hot is that!?!

Enter… Gareth, the oldest son and heir to the Vampire Empire once King Dimitry becomes ash.  He lives in Scotland away from his role of heir to the supposed throne.  Drum Roll.... Gareth now swoops in to save Adele by pulling the heir card and takes Adele away from Cesare’s hand.  He starts to learn more about “human” culture through Adele.  It ended up being a cute situation.

Surprise!  Yes, there is a surprise twist.  **Spoiler**  I was doing the dreamy thing and thought maybe it would be awesome if he was he.  Oh, that is code for trying to cover up the surprise twist.  But my dreamy manner ended up shocking me anyway.  **Spoiler Over**  It is something that makes this story just that more incredible.  I urge you to read this one because if you don’t you are missing out on some yummy twist!

The growth and development between Adele and Greyfriar was well played.  I was so happy to watch them become a tender relationship throughout the book instead of right away.  It was refreshing not to have them jump in the sac by page 5.  Gradual is more believable and needed at times.  

Overall, Vampire Empire: The Greyfrair was amazing.  Truly.  A Fairy even a Black or a Disaster of a Fairy would lie.  It is a favorite book and will be forever.  My copy will become greatly ragged from love.  No... I will not borrow it out.  

Get your own!

Rating:  Personal Favorite
More then 5 Kisses!

You can find this utterly wonderful tale at these web locations:
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | The Book Depository | Borders

*Thanks to the wonderful people behind PYR I received a copy of this fabulous Steampunkery novel.  However, this has not affected my actions, feelings, or review of this book.*


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