Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bookmark Love!!

I received a package for Christmas from a Dear friend,
*Hugs* Thanks so much!

In this package there was yummy European Chocolate which was amazing. 

 I should of ordered a case from her!  Two wonderful books, one which I devoured already and a bookmark of wonders.

Here is said book mark.  Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake!
The kitten, Jasper, belongs to me.  The big black fluff ball!

Now looking at them now you would think they were both cute and adorable.
Enter Marmalade... bad bookmark!

I think we all love the BookMark!

Thanks Jen!

I hope you get my package soon.  I'm a horrible late christmas sender.  But consider it an early Valentines surprise!  Without the lack of undies!  LOL!


Stray said...

thats so sweet of both of you, sending present to each other

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