Sunday, January 16, 2011

Across the Universe by Beth Revis

Book Name: Across the Universe
Author/s: Beth Revis
Source: Bought
Publisher, year: Razorbill, 2011
Page total: 398
Date Read: January 15 to 16, 2011
Genre/s: YA, Sci-Fi, Romance, Future

As the spaceship Godspeed travels toward a new earth, the lives of 100 cryogenically frozen settlers hang in the balance after someone endeavors to quietly murder them. The other passengers aboard the ship have never known life outside its walls and are enslaved by the machinations of Eldest, their tyrannical leader, who divides them into three distinct classes. When Amy, a frozen settler from earth, survives being thawed in a murder attempt, she immediately bonds with Elder, Godspeed's lone teen and future leader. Amy’s individuality, her rebellion, and her fierce desire for freedom, inspire Elder to act on his own doubts and defy Eldest--his mentor and keeper--with shocking results. Eldest’s methods of twisting history and altering the lives of this captive community are a frightening echo of tyrants in our own history, and Across the Universe challenges readers to consider the impact of unchecked power, blind trust, and the ability of one dissenting voice to make a difference

Daddy said, "Let mom go first."

I'm not sure of what to say about this debut, really. I adore its concept, the characters are well written, the plot is layered and it has a terrifying message. What else can I ask for in a YA novel?

As I said before, I love this book's idea. It caught and held my attention throughout the whole story. Having a whole ship on its way to a new planet is not exactly original, but I loved it anyway, especially the way everything was done, it was quite believable.

Since the chapters alternate between Elder and Amy's perspectives, we get to know each of them really well.
Eldest was a very likable character, and he was very believable as a boy (as someone else said, he sometimes thought with his chutz, not his brain) and I loved that he ended up doing the right thing, most of the time.
Amy was also character I liked, especially because she didn't just sit there, doing nothing. And she's got spunk! I loved her! I liked how she kept thinking of her life on Earth, I think that's what most people would have done.
These were not the only characters I liked. I actually liked every single one of them, even the bad guy. But I think you should know them yourself, so read the book.

The plot was also very enjoyable, though the last pages were, without a doubt, the best. Do not think this is predictable, because it is not! In the end you will be completely awestruck, this is a warning.

The way the ship was practically made of lies also held my attention. I swear, the way History was altered, how human minds were manipulated, how everything was kept in order by not-very-honest means, I was alternating between wanting to put this book down and not being able to and actually putting it down to think about it.

And the end, THE END! Gosh, how can I explain to you how good the ending is!? You get to know everything, and it's amazing! Though I guessed some of the things that happened, the rest was pretty mind-blowing, and I still can't take it out of my mind.


"More than the sound of my own beating heart, I miss the sound of a ticking clock. Time passes. It must pass...."


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