Thursday, September 9, 2010

Unbelievable by Sara Shepard

Unbelievable (Pretty Little Liars, #4)
By Sara Shepard
Publisher: HarperCollins e-books, 2008
352 pages, Kindle Edition
Date Finished: 8/11/2010
Genres: Chick Literature, Young Adult, Mystery, Action, Realistic Fiction, Coming of Age

First Line of Book: "Ever whish you could go back in time and undo your mistakes?"

Review: The fourth Pretty Little Liars novel was spectacular! There was barely any romance in Unbelievable, which actually was probably the only thing that disappointed me. Anyhoo, in this addition to the PLL series, you finally figure out who "A" is! You'll be totally floored when you find out who "A" has been all this time. But then ... something not-so-good happens to "A." Not exactly what the girls wanted. More action, more mixed feelings, and Hanna can't remember who she was last accusing right before her accident in Perfect. Could that be the key to what helped them find "A" even faster? You'll just have to read to read to see! Recommended to all :).


Quotes from the Book:

"Allen drove at least fifteen miles under the speed limit -- even a frail old woman squinting over her steering wheel passed them."

"Once, Ali had tried to teach her field hockey, but she'd sopped the lesson about five minutes in because she said Aria ran like a pregnant gorilla."

"Of course if she told anyone about A, A would make sure that Emily really didn't exist."

"Her head hit the ground with a crack ... and her eyes fluttered shut."

--Zakiya, the walking butterfly


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