Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Short Erotica Stories

*This book has many explicit rated R scenes! Warning sexual content and harsh violence! Should be for readers 18+ in age.*

Big Girl Love

Marion Francis
Publisher: Smashmouth
Pages: 18
Rating: 3.5
Book Cover Rating: 1
Read: 9/1/2010
Genre: Erotica, Short Stories, Adult Romance

First Line: I had no idea how exciting or sensual a voluptuous woman could be until I met Kelly.

Review: This story was a short bit of fun. I pulled out my Nook and searched for a few pages of sexy delight. Yesterday, I had a few minutes to burn while I was waiting for my carpool ride for school. I was impressed that Marion Francis touched on a subject that most people do not like to enter. Voluptuous can be sexy! Everyone has their "type" of woman or man that they find particularly breath taking. However, how do you really know that is your "type"? In this short story a man discovers that taking your head or in his case his whole body out of the box you will be greatly surprised by what you are missing out on.

This short story was not too risque. Oh, how I wish there was a bit more steam but it was perfect for the time I had.

Rating: 3.5

Strip Fantasy

By: Marion Francis
Publisher: Smashwords
Pages: 20
Rating: 4
Book Cover Rating: 3.5
Read: 8/15/2010
Genre: Erotica, Short Stories, Adult Romance

First Line: "I can do this..."

Review: This was a fun little romp. It is about a woman who has this wild fantasy to do some strip teasing of her own and make men go wild for her... as if the title did not give it away!

The subject was broached and the hubby quickly brushed off her idea and practically said she was not the type to be on stage. Sad sad little man. If only you knew what you missed out on. *Mwah ha ha*

Throughout this short story a sexual fantasy is concurred in the most wonderful way. A friendship also strengthens.

I highly recommend this story for a quick twirl around the pole!

Rating: 4


Mad Scientist said...

Short stories are so nice because you can get them started and finished before you fall asleep.

*Erotica is a guilty pleasure of mine as well!*

Mad Scientist

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