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Raised by Wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barnes Review

Raised by Wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Publisher- Egmont 2010
Pages- 418 pages
Genres- Young Adult, Werewolves, Coming of age, Action, and Romance
Reviewed by Kate

Bryn's family was attacked by a rouge werewolf when she was only 4 years old. She is found and taken in by Callum, the alpha of his pack. Bryn's now 15 and has been raised by werewolves and mostly listening to the packs rules, ... mostly. When Bryn goes exploring she finds the newly turned werewolf Chase. Bryn feels a connection to Chase and begins to wonder about their connection and what really happened the night her family was taken from her. Bryn soon realizes that pack may be keeping a secret or two and she, along with Chase and some other friends, go against the pack to find out what they've been keeping, whatever the consequences may be.

What can't I say about this book. It was amazing! I've been waiting to read a werewolf book, and only werewolf book for a while now. There is not one mention of the word vampire, witch, or any other paranormal being. This book is solely about werewolves. As I said before this book was awesome. I loved almost everything about it. I fell in love with the characters. My favorites were Bryn, Callum, Ali, and Lake. This is another really good book for coming of age. Bryn makes a complete change. By the end of the book she was almost a new person, with her old sassy perks of course. Lake is the perfect best friend, Ali was a great mom and person who supported Bryn the whole time. She was probably the only one that was on Team Bryn throughout the whole story, even when she was really angry at her. And then there's Callum, what do I say about him. I really loved him then hated them then loved and hated him at the same time. Even though he wasn't supposed to be a love interest in this story, he was mine! The only character that bothered me a little bit was Chase, for me he just didn't do it. I'm not sure if it was because he wasn't really explored in the book too much, it was more of his and Bryn's connection and some other stuff than them really falling for each other. He fell a little flat for me sometimes, not often but sometimes. So as sad as I am to say, Chase wouldn't have been my love interest in the story. Honestly it would probably be Callum or another guy in the story. But the characters were great!

This was an awesome book that I could never really figure out what was going to happen. A lot of books you can see where they're going and what's going to happen. With this book I could predict the basic stuff that was obvious but I could never really figure out...a bunch of stuff actually until the very end. Another thing was that this book was totally different from what I expected. The first half wasn't what I was expecting but I really liked it. Then at a certain changing point it went somewhere where I could never have imagined it going. It was surprising and different from what I thought but I still loved it. The only thing I can complain about is the end. It was bittersweet. More bitter than sweet, for me anyway. Without saying too much about the end it wasn't the way I wanted it to go. But, there is going to be a sequel so hopefully I'll get the ending I want eventually. Other than that it was a great surprising read!

I would give this book 5 kisses but because of the ending and the Chase thing put together this book is getting 4.5 Kisses.


"Bronwyn Alessia St. Vincent Clare!"
Four names, five words, one pissed-off werewolf. The math in this particular equation never came out in my favor."

"Callum's basement had always been off-limits to me, and I wasn't dumb enough to believe the restriction was in place because that was where he hid my Christmas presents."

"What exactly did you and Lake do yesterday?" she asked, like we might have held up a gas station and gone on a crime spree across the country, all in the span of a just a few hours.
"We went to Mexico, had some tequila, eloped with a pair of drug smugglers, and took part-time jobs as exotic dancers. You know, same old, same old."
Ali snorted.
"I'm torn on stripper names. It's either going to be Lady Love or Wolfsbane Lane. Thoughts?"
Ali through a onesie at me. "Brat."

Lake breathed out a happy sigh as she approached the row filled with guns. "Matilda was my first, but, ladies, you know how to make a girl want to stray," she said.
"Lake, could you please stop sweet-talking the weapons? It's kind of freaking me out."


Jen the bibliophile said...

I've really been debating over reading this book. It looked good, but the cover deterred me a bit (yes, I know...don't judge a book by the cover). I think I will read it now though.

In the Closet With a Bibliophile

Kate said...

I really thought it was good Jen! But I forgot to add that there is some stuff like a certain connection between Bryn and the werewolves that's not really explained since she's human and all.

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