Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Eclipse Movie Review

Yes, I am a semi-fan. You can not say that I am a die hard by any means. However, when my friend (Amy) told me that she had an extra ticket for the opening midnight showing I jumped at the ticket!!
*I should of done this review ages ago*
We did not get all dressed up and stand in line for hours. I actually showed up at 11:30 to pick up the tickets she had on hold.
Mission 1 - Complete
Now, I am off to see if I could find and save four seats in a row.
Yikes! In the front row... Bring on the heat pad for my neck!
Mission 2 - Complete
With saved seats in tact I was off to use the restroom then pick up a lovely order of pretzel bites. I am the pretzel girl and she the popcorn.
I am the regular soda girl and she is the diet.
(How are we friends?)
Mission 3 - Complete
11:54 PM
Oh, where Oh where is Amy?
She is on her way. Time to get her ticket to her.
Mission 4 - Complete
Time to sit, relax and enjoy the show!
Mission 5 - Complete
(Me and my Ticket!)
First off, let me just say that this movie was way better then the first two! I enjoyed this movie greatly.
~Rob Patterson~ Wow, he can act (finally). He was really pushed to his limits with his characters emotional roller coaster throughout the movie. Amy and I were both pleasantly surprised with him.
~Kristen Stewart~ Her character was bland. But guess what her character is supposed to be bland. If they jazzed Bella up for the movie it just wouldn't be right. They are already so far off track of the book.
~Taylor Lautner~ HOT! Yes, most of the time Jacob has no shirt on. There is even a part in the movie where Edward asks if he has a shirt in his closet. I hate the whole Native American is a savage thing, so lets have him wear as little as possible (and the wolf pack). However, that boy can take his shirt off for me whenever he wants! *Drool*
~Movie~ As for the whole movie... I thought that the fight scenes were pretty good. Who does not like to see a wolf tear into a rouge vamp? Victoria and Riley were interesting and kept up their end of the movie. Emmett is still amazing to look at. There were a few corny, and I mean corny, areas. I bust out laughing at one of those parts where everyone else goes "ahh". So did the girl next to me and well, my giggles are contagious when it comes to Amy. After a few seconds there we were having have the front row laugh at the "ahh" part.



Zakiya LadyWings said...

Great post, Elyssa! :D

Jen the bibliophile said...

Taylor Lautner is delicious! Can we say sex on a stick! *licks lips*

Anonymous said...

gawsh you can say that again

Twisted Book Junkie said...

And his abs are not spray on. I do not object to him never wearing a shirt again.

However, I do think he did a good job acting in this movie. Even if I had to wipe the drool off of my chin a few times.


Anonymous said...


Jen the bibliophile said...

Here here Twisted!! Maybe if we sign a petition we could get him to never wear a shirt.

Zakiya LadyWings said...

That might work! Maybe he'd do it just for the fans!! :D


Twisted Book Junkie said...

To whom it may concern:

Many fans Taylor Lutner agree that his hottness should never be marred by the wearing of a shirt.

Yes, we agree that we are willing to carry around packages of Kleenex to wipe up our drool. Yes, we agree that we won't have him ran over by a taxi.

If you would like to sign the petition to keep said sex-on-a-sex shirtless sign here.

1. Twisted!

Zakiya LadyWings said...


2. Zakiya LadyWings!

Twisted Book Junkie said...

(jen came up with that on my other post.)

Zakiya LadyWings said...

(Well you threw me off with the sex-on-a-sex thing..; thought you made a typo.)

Kate said...

Hey, Eylssa great review! I love your ticket picture, very cool! I'm glad you reviewed it because I wanted to see it but not that bad and now I can't wait to see it.

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