Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Proper Pursuit by Lynn Austin

A Proper Pursuit tells the story of Violet Rose Hayes. She has just graduated finishing school and heads to Chicago for vacation, in the summer of 1893. She goes to stay with her grandmother and her sisters. Violet soon finds out that they also have plans for her. Her grandmother works with the poor and introduces Violet to a future suitor. Her aunt Matt is a suffragette and wants Violet to think for herself and join the women’s’ movement. Aunt Agnes is wealthy and wants to impress her friends with Violet being of marriageable age. Of course there is a suitor involved as well. Then there is Aunt Birdie who lives in the early 1860s and pines for her lost love Gilbert. What will Violet choose? Which lifestyle most appeals to her? 

I liked this book but found it a little hard to get into at first. The first one hundred pages introduce you to everyone in the family. The real story doesn’t happen until after page one hundred. The book held my interest. I have been impressed by Lynn Austin’s writing and how she has dealt with history and relationships.

Inspirational fiction.  I would give this book three kisses. 
Jencey Gortney


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