Sunday, June 13, 2010

Book Review: Man vs Beast

Book Name: Olho por Olho
Author/s:Robert Muchamore
Language Portuguese
Original Title: Man vs. Beast
Publisher, year:2010 Porto Editora
Page total:336
Date Read:June 12 2010
Genre/s: YA, spies, adventure
First line of Book:"Andy Pierce's bed felt fantastic. "
Review: This is the sixth installment of Robert Muchamore's CHERUB series, which is about a secret organization, a part of MI5, that employs...children. Oh yeah, children, because adults never suspect a child might be keeping an eye on them.
here's the synopsis:

Animal rights, animal wrongs.

Every day thousands of animals die in laboratory experiments. Some say these experiments provide essential scientific knowledge, while others commit violent acts in order to stop them.

James and Lauren Adams are stuck in the middle...

James, Lauren and Kyle will infiltrate on a secret terrorist group that attacks companies that make animals suffer, by experimenting on them, or by not letting them live in proper life conditions. There, they'll make a choice: what is more important, their mission or the ideals behind the animal support organizations.

I really liked this book. Overall, I really like the idea of spy kids, and in this particular series, the fact that they're not just highly skilled agents but also children (with food fights, bickering and kid/teen related issues) really pleases me and the way it's written is good also very good.

Rating:4/5 kisses



Hawk said...

I don next a computer next to me... I was wondering if you can get this book in English. Do you know?

It's great to see you picked a different book. 8)

Anonymous said...

yes, its par of a series called CHERUB. Ill recommend the first book (the recruit) to you on GR. PS - the original title of this book is man vs beast

Zakiya the Booknerd said...

Oh okay. I was wondering about that. Was confused by the different titles. It definitely sound sinteresting. I think I will try to get in to this series. :D

Anonymous said...

thats why i put the title (portuguese) and the original title (in this case, english)

Zakiya the Booknerd said...

Ohh, well slowbody's like me don't notice stuff like that. Excuse my ignorance. :)

Great review Leonor! :D

Hawk said...

Sweet thanks for the info and I'll look for the invite. :)

What a different book to pick and such a good review!

Jen the bibliophile said...

I loved that part at the beginning "Oh yeah, children, because adults never suspect a child might be keeping an eye on them." I was laughing aloud. My 3 year old was looking at me funny. :D Good job Leo!

Anonymous said...

thank you all!!*wipes out tear* you're great!
I'll try to post more reviews of different books

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