Saturday, May 29, 2010

Welcome - -

Hello to Everyone!!

Here you will find a group of outstanding people who love to read and who will love to talk about everything book related.

This group began on the GoodReads website for a project for Hawk’s (Elyssa) college literature class. The reasoning behind its creation was to prove Hawk could find people of all walks of life that would be fond of getting together to discuss their love of books as well as providing commentary on those books, reviews, and dilemmas that would arise. The project has concluded but the group remains. As of May 28th 2010 we are 268 members strong. I'm happy to say we have a wonderfully diverse active group.

The group is doing wonderful standing on its own, but we would like to branch out to allow a wider audience to participate. We are very much looking forward to our expansion in the blogging world. Even though we have added a venue to our group, our goals will remain the same:

1.) To gather a large amount of people who love to read.
2.) That those people can read and like more then one genre. AND
3.) Those same people like to gather and discuss books even if they disagree on the rating of the book or overall issues presented.

We hope you will follow us on our new For the Love of Reading blog. If you would like you can also join us at

Happy Reading,
Elyssa, Jen, Z, Kate & Paperdoll

***In case you are curious, Elyssa’s project was a great success! She got an A on the project.***


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